Linaro Membership

Linaro Membership

Linaro membership allows you to shape the future of Arm software together with Linaro and other industry leaders. Collaborating on common projects significantly reduces software fragmentation across the many Arm platforms, enabling participating companies and the community to reduce their costs for development and validation of Arm-based software.

Core Members

Club Members

Group Members

No need to differentiate on the basics

Collaboration on common software allows participating member companies to direct more resources towards differentiating their products.

Faster problem solving = accelerated time to market

Having engineers from all the member companies work together with Linaro engineers - many of which are world-renowned Arm software experts - means more eyes on the problem.

Arm & Open Source Software Expertise

If you want a say in how Arm software evolves and want to work with leading technology companies to develop and implement actual engineering solutions, Linaro membership is for you.

Core Membership

Core members drive the direction of software development in the Arm ecosystem. They can participate in any of Linaro’s projects or segment groups and have access to their own dedicated engineering team.

“The collaboration platform for the Arm partnership. Where everyone comes together to collaborate on open source software, where conversations take place and non-differentiating solutions are discussed and worked upon. ”
Thomas Molgaard, Arm

Club Membership

Club members influence the direction of Arm software development and can participate in any of Linaro’s segment groups. At an additional fee, they can also have access to their own dedicated engineering team and participate in additional Linaro projects.

Group Membership

Group members drive strategy within a specific vertical and can participate in any of the Linaro projects set up by their segment group. Linaro manages the following groups: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Consumer, Datacenter & Cloud, Edge & Fog Computing, IoT & Embedded and HPC.

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