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Linaro helps you work with the latest open source technology, building support in upstream projects and ensuring smooth product roll outs and secure software updates. Instead of duplicating effort, members share engineering costs to accelerate innovation and time to market.

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Linaro plays an influential role across the Arm ecosystem, developing optimized software for advanced Arm technologies in every segment. Linaro Developer Services make that expertise available to you for use on your project.

Efficiently support the latest technology features upstream

Reduce burden of post-release software updates and support

Available to both Linaro Member and non-Member companies

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Develop & Prototype on the Latest Arm Technology

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The 96boards Consumer Edition(CE) specification targets the mobile, embedded and digital home segments.

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The 96Boards Enterprise Edition (EE) specification targets the networking and server segments.

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The 96Boards IoT Edition (IE) platform is designed to support development in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

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Explore a wide variety of mezzanines to expand on your development experience.

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Bringing the Arm ecosystem together

Every six months, over 300 of the world's leading open source engineers working on Arm get together for a full week of engineering sessions and hacking at Linaro Connect.