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Linaro has driven open source software development on Arm since 2010 and is home to many world-leading Arm software experts. Together with our members and the open source community, we drive the work needed to maintain and improve the Arm software ecosystem. Our work spans a wide range of verticals and technologies.

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Artificial Intelligence background

Linaro and collaborating members are working to bring best in class ML Inferencing & AI to the Arm ecosystem. This involves pushing optimized for Arm experiences on member hardware across a range of strategic AI projects.

Client Devices background

Open source is a key ingredient of Android. Android as found on a client device is closely related to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Cloud Computing and Servers background

The past few years have seen Arm being adopted more and more in the server space, with the world’s fastest supercomputer - Fujitsu’s Fugaku - running on Arm CPUs.

IoT & Embedded background

Linaro and Member companies are collaborating to integrate the latest security and most-up-to-date technologies for Arm-based IoT devices. This includes security tools for the microcontroller space encapsulating best-practice design choices for constrained devices, working to improve compatibility, component re-use, and to resolve hardware and RTOS diversity, and reference implementations for c…

Kernel & Toolchain background

Kernel and toolchain technologies are essential to maintaining the health of software. We facilitate the access to maintainers, support regression testing, improve compiler technology and increase security across the Arm ecosystem.

OS Build & Test background

Linaro and member companies collaborate to improve the quality of Operating System kernels (Linux, Android, Zephyr) by providing the software tools and processes to allow continuous build,functional testing and regression detection. In addition, Linaro facilitates expanded testing coverage and higher software quality in various operating systems such as Linux, Android, and RTOSs. Linaro has 10…

Security background

Security is no longer an option, it’s a vital ingredient to be able to protect intellectual property, communications, bank accounts, personal digital belongings etc. The list is almost endless. To develop solutions that meet all the security criterias, you need to have a solid understanding of a vast range of technologies which requires teams of experts. Security has been an important topic for…

Trusted Substrate background

Trusted Substrate is a BIOS that brings standards based secure booting and over-the-air (OTA) updates to the most trust demanding embedded computing projects such as automotive and robotics. OTA is a key value of Trusted Substrate as it allows any firmware components to be updated with anti-bricking and anti-roll back protections, and will allow transactional updates in asymmetric computing, Co…

Experts in Open Source Software on Arm


of Linaro patches are accepted within 7 days of submission (75% within 35 days)


In the top 10 Contributors to the Linux kernel


Number of patches submitted to upstream projects in the past 2 years


Open Source Software Maintainers

In total Linaro Maintainers manage over 40 Open Source Projects

Projects Linaro and its member companies collaborate on

This is a snapshot of some of the projects Linaro works on

Collaboration comes in many forms

There are multiple ways you can partner with Linaro - be it in collaboration with Linaro and other Linaro members or on a one-to-one basis. In addition, a lot of the work we do is in the open, meaning anything we think can benefit the community at large we will make public on our Downloads page.

Linaro Membership

If you want to work with Linaro’s technical domain experts and other industry leaders on solving common problems, then Linaro membership is the option for you. Click on the videos below to find out why our members choose to partner with Linaro:

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Linaro Developer Services

If you want to leverage Linaro’s Arm and open source software expertise on a specific project, then working with Linaro Developer Services is the right option for you.

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