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Linaro to Join Forces with Renesas on SOAFEE Integration Lab Project

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Monday, May 13, 2024|3 min read

Linaro is excited to announce a collaboration with Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of the SOAFEE Integration Lab Project.

The SOAFEE Integration Lab, spearheaded by Linaro, provides a comprehensive test suite of open-source software, developed by Linaro and other SOAFEE members. This test suite is instrumental in promoting standardization and interoperability within the SOAFEE architecture. The lab and the test suite are accessible at SOAFEE Test Suite GitLab.

Under this collaboration, Renesas has committed to demonstrating and verifying the compatibility of its software components with the SOAFEE architecture. Renesas will participate as a key player in the SOAFEE Lab, leveraging Linaro’s expertise and resources to ensure seamless integration. As part of Linaro’s services in this partnership, the SOAFEE test-suite will be run on Renesas’ R-Car H3e and R-Car S4 Starter Kits, which are remotely connected to the SOAFEE integration lab hosted by Linaro, with results published daily on the SOAFEE official website, SOAFEE Community Integration Lab.

”This collaboration with Renesas is a testament to our commitment to fostering open-source innovation and standardization in the software ecosystem,” said Grant Likely, Chief Technical Officer at Linaro. “By working together, we are establishing a growing set of leading automotive development platforms implementing the common SOAFEE architecture and specification and running the EWAOL open source components. Having such platforms continuously tested in the SOAFEE integration lab hosted by Linaro allows Renesas and other industry players to focus on their value add and reduce their cost of ownership by avoiding unnecessary fragmentation in the common software layers.”

“Renesas is committed to support the transformation of the automotive industry toward the software-defined approach,” said Hirofumi Kawaguchi, Vice President of Software & Digitalization at Renesas. “We engage in SOAFEE together with other companies to define appropriate standards and demonstrate the advantages of this new approach on our R-Car devices. SOAFEE’s Integration Lab is an important enabler for accessing capable hardware and verifying new concepts quickly.”

The partnership underscores the importance of collaboration in the tech industry, particularly in the realm of open-source software and embedded systems.

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