Collaborate on software and standards in key segments

Linaro has four segment groups: the Linaro Consumer Group, the Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group, the Linaro Edge & Fog Computing Group and the Linaro IoT & Embedded Group. Each group has been created to help advance the Arm software ecosystem within a particular vertical.

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Linaro Consumer Group (Mobile and Android)
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Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group
Antenna and three nodes
Linaro Edge & Fog Computing Group
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Linaro IoT & Embedded Group

Linaro Consumer Group

The Linaro Consumer Group’s mission is to improve the AOSP ecosystem through collaborative activities that benefit members across all Android use cases. Working together with Linaro and other industry leaders, members can enable a great Android Developer experience for better products.

Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group

Linaro’s Datacenter & Cloud Group aims to, together with its members, provide a common development center for the Arm enterprise ecosystem. Working together to resolve common issues and develop standards reduces fragmentation and helps all participating companies deliver their products to market faster.

Linaro Edge & Fog Computing Group

The Linaro Edge and Fog Computing group and its members have joined forces to make this hybridization a reality through two major efforts:

  • Trusted Substrate - a reference implementation of the Embedded Base Board Requirement (EBBR) firmware specification from Arm.
  • LEDGE Reference Platform - a Generic Kernel Image industrial ready Linux (a single bootable image can run on any EBBR compliant board).
Related Projects:

Linaro IoT and Embedded Group

Linaro’s IoT and Embedded (LITE) Group members work collaboratively to create and support key standards and best in class implementations to enable secure connected devices in the Arm ecosystem.