Enhance the longevity of your Linux-based device.

Linaro's LTS solution is the foundation for your secure and supported boot-to-kernel ecosystem.

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Huge Expertise

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Proven Quality

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Tailored LTS

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Linaro Long Term Support helps you:

Get Kernel stability as a foundation to meet the evolving needs of your products, market, and customers

Overcome compatibility challenges

Leverage the expertise and skills you need

We offer LTS versions of key firmware projects, including:

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Save money by providing a cost-effective alternative to in-house LTS kernel and firmware management


Ensure compliance with software update mandates.

Solid Foundation:

Build your product on a robust and long-lasting kernel base.

Resource Optimization:

Free up resources for high-ROI areas of development.


Enter a world of benefits


Leverage Linaro's Linux Kernel expertise and community connections.

Informed Decision-Making:

Stay informed as issues are discovered and resolved.

Voice in LTS:

Have a say in LTS kernel decisions, fix priorities, and test coverage expansion.

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