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There is no doubt that Arm chips can deliver an exceptional user experience through efficient power consumption, fast performance and all day battery life.

But for devices running on Arm-based technology to truly leverage these capabilities, operating systems (OS) need to ensure that open source tools and applications using their OS can run natively on Arm. This is no small task and the reason why Google and Microsoft collaborate with Linaro, its members and the open source community. Linaro drives the work needed to create strong ecosystems for Android and Windows on Arm. These ecosystems play a crucial role in delivering exceptional user experiences to consumers.

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Growing ecosystems on Arm which deliver exceptional end-user experiences

In order to deliver the best end user experience, devices need to be kept up to date with the latest software and integrate well with third party packages. In other words, there needs to be a healthy ecosystem supporting these devices. Linaro works with member companies to achieve the optimal user experience by helping upstream new features, reduce technical debt and detect regressions.

Linaro Projects helping grow the Android and Windows Ecosystems on Arm

How to participate

There are multiple ways to engage with Linaro.