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As Linaro has grown and its work has extended into new areas, the number of engineering projects in JIRA cards ballooned and it became very complex for steering committee members to follow everything and have discussions about priorities and the direction of work. The concept of Lead Projects was created as a rallying point for members to allow efficient and focused top down management of Linaro’s engineering resources.

Linaro’s members, engineering teams and Office of the CTO propose lead projects to the relevant steering committee, which discusses requirements, priorities and commitment of resources. If the requirements are agreed and resources are made available, the lead project can then be created.

What is a Lead Project? It’s something that:

  • Needs to get done in order for the ARM architecture to be successful
    • It should not already be happening / will not happen in a timely manner without Linaro being involved
  • Requires collaboration between competing ARM partners
    • Members cannot easily do it by themselves
  • One or more members care about the deliverables
  • May need significant resources
    • Members are willing to donate effort / commit shared resources to this activity
  • May need sustained effort over time, for example maintainership
    • Members willing to apply effort over time
  • Rooted in the ARM ecosystem
    • Increasingly will have impact more widely, for example ODP
  • Not just a big EPIC

Linaro’s current lead projects are listed on the left.