These arm open source projects are only a subset of the leading edge Arm developments actively being worked on by Linaro, its member partners, and the open source community.

Linaro and collaborating members are working to bring best in class ML Inferencing & AI to the Arm ecosystem. This involves pushing experiences optimized for Arm on member hardware across a range of strategic AI projects.

Is Android a strategic OS for your company? Member companies and Linaro collaborate together with Google to improve the Android ecosystem. Our work is primarily in the Linux Kernel. By making decisions and coordinating the engineering activities together, the Android ecosystem is more healthy, this leads to improved development efficiency and better Android products.

As the 5th wave of computing (AI, IoT and 5G) quickly approaches, fragmentation in the Arm ecosystem is hindering the deployment of increasingly sophisticated devices. Linaro and Member companies are collaborating to integrate the latest security and most-up-to-date technologies for Arm-based IoT devices. Member companies benefit from Linaro’s expertise in testing as all RTOS platforms adopted are tested continuously to ensure secure deployment and high quality.

Kernel and toolchain technologies are essential to maintaining the health of software. We facilitate the access to maintainers, support regression testing, improve compiler technology and increase security across the Arm ecosystem.

Linaro and member companies collaborate to improve the quality of Operating System kernels (Linux, Android, Zephyr) by providing the software tools and processes to allow continuous build,functional testing and regression detection.

In addition, Linaro facilitates expanded testing coverage and higher software quality in various operating systems such as Linux, Android, and RTOSs.

Linaro has 10+ years experience working in the Arm embedded space and specialises in rapid deployment of automated testing.

Security is no longer an option, it’s a vital ingredient to be able to protect intellectual property, communications, bank accounts, personal digital belongings etc. The list is almost endless. To develop solutions that meet all the security criterias, you need to have a solid understanding of a vast range of technologies which requires teams of experts. Security has been an important topic for Linaro since the start. Linaro has built a strong team with security expertise and we have proven that we have been able to help other companies as well as communities to thrive. If you believe security is too challenging, we can help you!

Trusted Substrate is a BIOS that brings standards based secure booting and over-the-air (OTA) updates to the most trust demanding embedded computing projects such as automotive and robotics. OTA is a key value of Trusted Substrate as it allows any firmware components to be updated with anti-bricking and anti-roll back protections, and will allow transactional updates in asymmetric computing, Cortex-A + Cortex-M solutions.

Trusted Substrate project ambition is to upstream all necessary technologies in multiple projects to enable SystemReady compliance. Projects can be Trusted Firmware, OP-TEE, U-Boot, SCP, Linux kernel (EFI stub) and others.

  • Owner: François Ozog
  • Technical Lead: Ilias Apalodimas
  • Governing Entity: LEDGE SC
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