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Linaro Developer Services provides customised training on a variety of topics. Moreover we provide expert instructors who are real world engineers and are specialists in delivering hands-on training across Linux and Arm technology.

Our courses are flexible, can be delivered onsite or remotely and tailored to the member’s exact needs if preferred. All training modules are structured to meet the requirements of your team. Mentoring can also be provided. The courses incorporate many emerging technologies, together with the latest best practices. Topics include: -

  • Introduction to Devicetree
  • Pragmatic Linux driver development - Part I
  • Pragmatic Linux driver development - Part II
  • Symbolic debugging for Linux kernel and userspace
  • Getting started
  • Anatomy of a typical Linux distribution
  • Updating the Linux kernel
  • Developing applications
  • Brief introduction for energy aware scheduling
  • Practical Power modeling
  • Tools and Techniques
  • SchedTune and CPUFreq
  • Kernel debug stories
  • Tracing with ftrace
  • Debugging with eBPF
  • Using perf on Arm platforms
  • Introduction to OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project
  • OpenEmbedded main concepts
  • Build workflow
  • OpenEmbedded advanced concepts
  • Debug the build
  • Toolchain
  • ARMv8 exception model and boot
  • Secure monitor and power management
  • KVM internals for Armv8
  • Device access using virtio and VFIO
  • Upstreaming I
  • Upstreaming II
  • Armv8! Spot the difference
  • Coming soon
  • Coming soon

We have trained many engineers across key areas such as OP-TEE, Energy Aware Scheduler, Arm Trusted Firmware, Power Management and Open Source development to name but a few.

Contact Linaro Developer Services today to discuss your specific training requirements.