Linaro Developer Services

Helping you build, deploy and maintain your products on Arm

From initial design through to development, implementation, support and training, Linaro Developer Services help you leverage open source on Arm to ensure fast time to market, exceptional quality and security, and cost effective long term maintenance.

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Leverage our Arm Software Expertise

Linaro employs many of the world’s leading Arm Software experts. All of this expertise is available to you through Linaro Developer Services.

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Secure your product

Specialists in security and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on Arm, we leverage open source to ensure you benefit from the latest upstream features and security fixes.

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Maintain quality cost-effectively

We upstream code to reduce the cost and effort needed to maintain your product. We offer continuous integration (CI) and automated validation for your software, ensuring the highest possible quality.

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Build, test and deploy faster

We support every aspect of product delivery, from building secure board support packages (BSP’s), product validation and long-term support & maintenance.

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Qualcomm Platforms Services

Linaro Developer Services is a leader in providing Linux BSP development, maintenance and optimization for Qualcomm platforms.

What our customers say

Linaro Developer Services provide deep Arm technical knowledge as well as strong relationships within various upstream communities. Their engagement in the latest Arm technologies allows for quick and solid deliverables, helping to de-risk a program. They have helped enable an Arm-based Windows laptop to support Linux, developed a variety of Docker containers for Arm-based servers, and also enabled firmware secure boot capabilities on an NXP-based system. If you need help with Arm firmware or software development, Linaro brings that professional edge.

Paul Benson, Program Director, Central Engineering, Arm

At Square, we face the challenge of maintaining our Terminal and Register hardware products, which are based on short-support-cycle mobile technology, in an industry that requires long lifespans and up-to-date security patching. After the Qualcomm SD615 processor (2014) powering our devices went end-of-life in 2018, Square chose to engage with the Arm Linux specialists at Linaro for upstream-based extended life. Having seen their previous work on the DragonBoard 410c, we were confident that upstreaming was the right path and Linaro was the right partner to deliver a new Linux kernel paired with an up-to-date Android release.

The team dispatched from Linaro Developer Services was highly experienced in how to accomplish this without compromising on productization-level stability, battery life, or performance. As a result of this collaboration, Square is able to continue providing regular OS and kernel upgrades to our Terminal and Register customers for 5-10 more years. In particular, Linaro's expertise and assistance in bringing SoCs and boards into mainline ensures upstream support doesn't decay over time & provides a platform for the community to continue contributing to and benefiting from the work, reducing long term software burden.

Benjamin J. Li, Hardware, Square