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Experts in Open Source Software on Arm

Together with Arm, Linaro co-maintains the Arm software ecosystem, providing the tools, security and Linux kernel quality needed for a solid base to differentiate on. Enabling markets on Arm architecture since 2010, Linaro works with companies to consolidate Arm code bases in the ecosystem as a whole, as well as in specific market segments. We do this by providing an engineering forum where industry and community can work together on open source software to solve common problems. This collaborative approach reduces software fragmentation across the many Arm platforms and enables industry and community to reduce costs for development and validation of Arm-based software.

Enabling markets on Arm architecture since 2010

We are global

Linaro’s mission is to lead collaboration in the Arm ecosystem by bringing together industry and the open source community to work on key projects, deliver great tools, reduce industry wide fragmentation and redundant effort, and provide common software foundations for all.

We are Global Linaro - We are Global
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