About Linaro

Linaro has driven open source software development on Arm since 2010, providing the tools, Linux kernel quality and security needed for a solid foundation to innovate on. Linaro works with member companies and the open source community to maintain the Arm software ecosystem and enable new markets on Arm architecture.

As technology has evolved, so has Linaro. While we continue to help maintain and evolve the Arm software ecosystem through the work we do on the Linux kernel, toolchains, security and continuous integration testing, we also work across several markets to enable Arm technology. These include Automotive, IoT & Edge Devices, Client Devices and Cloud Computing & Servers.

There are multiple ways to engage with Linaro and benefit from the work we do.

Collaborate on common software projects with Linaro and other industry leaders

Become a Linaro member and work with Linaro, other industry leaders and the open source community on software projects which deliver standardization and help accelerate new technologies on Arm. There are three levels of membership you can choose from - Core, Club and Group (Linaro has four Segment Groups - Linaro Consumer Group, Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group, Linaro Edge & Fog Computing Group and Linaro IoT and Embedded Group). For more information on Linaro membership, how to participate in projects and what value our members see in membership, go to Linaro Membership.

Leverage Linaro’s software expertise on your project

If you would rather work with Linaro on a one-to-one basis and are interested in leveraging Linaro’s Arm software expertise on your project, go to Linaro Services. Working with our Services team allows you to leverage Linaro’s Arm software expertise and experience working with, and as part of, open source communities.

Download Linaro software

Alternatively, if you just want to access any of the work we do in the open, go to downloads. On the downloads page we upload all software we work on which we think will benefit the community.

For all other enquiries, go to our contact page or download this Introduction to Linaro.