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Linaro Developer Services are the Board Support Package (BSP) experts. We have extensive engineering experience helping companies with their Linux and/or Android BSP development, maintenance, optimisation and long term support. We maintain high standards for design, implementation and testing all while following customer guidelines and regulatory/compliance specifications as needed.

Linaro Developer Services can help you develop or maintain:

Operating system support

  • A Linux BSP using distributions such as OpenEmbedded/Yocto or Debian, a Linux kernel based on mainline or one of the stable kernels and firmware based on Trusted Firmware or U-Boot.
  • An AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based BSP.


  • Analysis of existing BSPs to provide a comprehensive assessment and development recommendations
  • Improved customer BSPs providing better maintainability, quality and performance
  • Long term support for BSP’s and all their constituent parts.

We have significant experience working with customers on

  • High level design and implementation of complex subsystems
  • Platform extensions, OS optimizations
  • Middleware development and integration
  • Maintaining builds, testing and supporting BSP’s

In addition to our Board Support Packages, Linaro’s expertise in power management and toolchain optimization allows us to help you on your project in these areas.

Linaro created the 96Boards initiative (which provides a range of hardware specifications used by board manufacturers to make the latest Arm based processors available to developers at a reasonable cost), and can therefore provide 96Boards product development and support.

96Boards Product Development & Support

Linaro Developer Services has a wealth of experience with Linaro’s 96Boards program. We have developed the complete BSP for several boards and have provided aid to many other board and SoC manufacturers. We are able to offer the following services:

  • Architecture and design consultancy
  • Board enablement and bring-up services
  • Vast experience enabling hardware for embedded product use
  • Consumer, Server, TV Platform, and IoT boards
  • Secure boot architecture design and implementation
  • Arm Trusted Firmware, UEFI, U-Boot
  • Secure IoT boot on Zephyr
  • Kernel development, maintenance and long term support
  • Linux, Zephyr and other RTOS
  • BSP development, maintenance and long term support
  • Several 96Boards supported in AOSP
  • Boards with Debian and OE support
  • Supported boards fully upstream
  • Bootloaders, kernels, OS changes

Contact Linaro Developer Services for help with your BSP and/or 96Boards product development.