The Linaro IoT and Embedded Group (LITE) was launched at Linaro Connect LAS16 in September 2016. Companies interested in working together on common open source software foundations for IoT and embedded applications are invited to contact Linaro with the form below.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the traditional embedded market and creating huge growth opportunities. Every device being connected to the cloud and generating personal information is a huge data generation, connectivity and security headache. Standards are essential to the success of IoT and the LITE group will bring together Arm ecosystem support for key standards and engineering work to support reliable implementations.

The LITE steering committee is comprised of representatives from member companies who determine the technical agenda for the group. LITE will benefit from Linaro’s other engineering activities in the same way as the other groups. All groups rely on core engineering work (for example, GNU tools) and influence the roadmap of these common, shared projects. LITE will also leverage Linaro’s work on security and trusted execution environments, cloud integration and existing embedded Linux activities (tinification, kernel consolidation etc). It will also work closely with other segment groups, including LEG, the enterprise group, which has expertise in and around the data center and LNG, the network group, which has expertise in real time.

Linaro IoT and Embedded Members