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Industry Leaders Collaborate to Accelerate Software Ecosystem for Arm Servers, and Join Linaro

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AMD, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Canonical, Cavium, Facebook, HP, Marvell and Red Hat join existing Linaro members Arm, HiSilicon, Samsung and ST-Ericsson to form new group focused on accelerating Linux development for Arm servers

Linaro, the not-for-profit engineering organization developing open source software for the Arm architecture, announced today the formation of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) and the addition of AMD, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, Calxeda, Canonical, Cavium, Facebook, HP, Marvell and Red Hat as Linaro members.

With significant market interest in energy-efficient Arm-based servers, industry leaders have joined together through Linaro, creating LEG, to collaborate and accelerate the development of foundational software for Arm Server Linux. LEG benefits have broad industry implications, including time to market acceleration, lower development costs, and access to innovative and differentiated systems, fundamental to the Arm ecosystem.

The new LEG members have joined existing Linaro members Arm, Samsung and ST-Ericsson to create a shared software engineering team and steering committee. The team will build on Linaro’s experience of bringing competing companies together to work on common solutions and enable OEMs, commercial Linux providers and System on a Chip (SoC) vendors to collaborate in a neutral environment on the development and optimization of the core software needed by the rapidly emerging market for low-power hyperscale servers.

Speaking at Arm’s largest annual developer conference, TechCon, Arm CEO Warren East said “The significance of key industry players coming together like this to develop new aspects of the ecosystem is showing the transformational position the industry is now in. As power and energy become increasing costs to business, there continues to be a need to drive down costs and this means a total reinvention of the server space. There will be a range of server solutions based on Arm technology as the entire business community looks to reduce cost of ownership and achieve energy efficiency. Ultimately, it is the partnership approach which is vital to encourage innovation in this space and we are delighted to see LEG shares this vision. By changing the way we process data, the opportunity for a smarter, more connected future can be truly realized.” Concurrently, at the Linaro Connect event in Copenhagen, the LEG engineering team is engaged in face-to face meetings as part of Linaro’s regular engineering conference at which over 300 engineers from more than 80 companies have been defining the future of Linux on Arm.

“Linaro is building a high-quality software engineering team that is working with our members on the development of key enabling software for the new generation of low-power, high-performance, hyperscale servers,” said George Grey, CEO of Linaro, “We are especially pleased with the broad industry support and to be working with commercial Linux providers and OEMs in addition to SoC vendors to ensure that we meet the requirements of all members of the ecosystem.”

Linaro uses a unique business model where multiple companies jointly invest in a software engineering team that creates core open source software in a collaborative and transparent environment. The effectiveness of Linaro’s approach has been demonstrated by Linaro becoming the third-largest company contributor to the Linux 3.5 kernel*. Linaro’s contribution to improving Arm’s support in the open source Linux community has recently been recognized by Linus Torvalds**.

“Linux is driving innovation in every area of computing from mobile and embedded to the cloud. Linaro’s enterprise efforts will bring together software engineers to help accelerate Linux development for Arm servers, and we’re confident that this new server-focused group will advance Linux in these areas and offer additional choices to Linux users around the world.” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation.

Arm servers are expected to be initially adopted in hyperscale computing environments, especially in large web farms and clusters, where flexible scaling, energy efficiency and an optimal footprint are key design requirements. The Linaro Enterprise Group will initially work on low-level Linux boot architecture and kernel software for use by SoC vendors, commercial Linux providers and OEMs in delivering the next generation of low-power Arm-based 32- and 64-bit servers. Linaro expects initial software delivery before the end of 2012 with ongoing releases thereafter.

*Source: Who wrote 3.5? Greg Kroah-Hartman, LWN, 25 July 2012: (subscription required)**

Source: Torvalds touts Linux’s advances in power, Arm and cell phones Paula Rooney, ZDNet, 30 August 2012

About Linaro

Linaro is the place where engineers from the world’s leading technology companies define the future of Linux on Arm. The company is a not-for-profit engineering organization with over 120 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the Arm architecture, including developer tools, the Linux kernel, Arm power management, and other software infrastructure. Linaro is distribution neutral: it wants to provide the best software foundations to everyone, and to reduce non-differentiating and costly low level fragmentation.

To ensure commercial quality software, Linaro’s work includes comprehensive test and validation on member hardware platforms. The full scope of Linaro’s engineering work is open to all online. To find out more, please visit .

Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) Founding Member Testimonials


“AMD knows from experience with AMD64 and now with the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture Foundation that an open software ecosystem is critical for enabling a disruptive play with 64-bit Arm servers,” said Leendert van Doorn, Corporate Fellow, AMD. “The Linaro Enterprise Group enables the industry to work cooperatively developing a software ecosystem for Arm servers. By joining forces we eliminate unnecessary ecosystem fragmentation and instead focus on unique innovations that truly benefit our customers.”

About AMD: AMD is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its ground-breaking AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) that power a wide range of computing devices. AMD’s server computing products are focused on driving industry-leading cloud computing and virtualization environments. AMD’s superior graphics technologies are found in a variety of solutions ranging from game consoles, PCs to supercomputers. For more information, visit

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

“By coming together with other leading hardware and software companies involved in developing Arm server-based solutions, AppliedMicro reinforces its commitment to driving down the TCO associated with deploying next-generation cloud and enterprise infrastructures,” said Vinay Ravuri, general manager, X-Gene, AppliedMicro. “As the first company to deploy an Arm 64-bit Server on a Chip platform, we understand the importance of defining the future of Arm Server Linux and pioneering the ecosystem through our LEG membership.”

About Applied Micro Circuits Corporation: Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in energy conscious computing solutions for public and enterprise clouds, telco, enterprise embedded applications, data center, consumer and SMB applications. With a heritage of innovation in high-speed connectivity and high-performance computing, AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership for service provider and data center infrastructures. AppliedMicro’s corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world. For further information regarding AppliedMicro, visit the company’s Web site at, Media contact: Diane Orr, +1 408-358-1617,


“Linaro offers a perfect example of the Arm ecosystem in action: Leading companies are partnering to meet the demand for energy efficient, high performance servers that benefit everyone from developers to businesses and consumers as the planet’s data levels soar. The inclusive and innovative Arm partnership and Arm Connected Community business models built across mobile devices are now coming to the server space. Linaro is open source and is now opening new doors for all kinds of business”, said Ian Drew Arm Executive Vice President, Marketing, Arm.

About Arm: Arm designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. Arm’s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company’s broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. See for more information. Media contact: Andy Phillips, Arm PR.; +44 7771975925


“Arm has the potential to take significant market share with a range of products from different Arm partners; this is a movie we have all seen before playing out in the mobile space,” said Barry Evans, CEO and founder of Calxeda. “But unlike the mobile space, the data center requires consistent interfaces to allow a single kernel to support everyone’s hardware. LEG is exactly what is needed to bring the industry together to ensure software compatibility across the range of innovative Arm server implementations.”

About Calxeda: Founded in January 2008, Calxeda brings new performance density to the datacenter on a very attractive power foot print by leveraging ultra-low power processors as used on mobile phones as a foundation for its revolutionary technology. Calxeda will make it possible for datacenter managers to increase the density of their computer resources while significantly reducing the need for power, space and cooling. See for more information. Media contact: Laura Beck, +1 512-786-1098,


“As a long time supporter of Linaro, Canonical is pleased to be a founding member of the Linaro Enterprise Group, working with others to make Arm servers more accessible to a broader market. With the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu has been the only commercially supported OS platform that enables deployment of Arm server technology. Ubuntu Server has enabled developers and enterprises to start building prototypes and implementing Arm-based servers. LEG provides the perfect context for us to build on this leadership and to help accelerate the commercial adoption of hyperscale and Arm servers” said Jane Silber, CEO at Canonical.

About Canonical: Canonical is the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project and the leading provider of support services for Ubuntu deployments in the enterprise. Ubuntu is a free, open- source platform for client, server and cloud computing. Since its launch in 2004, it has become a natural choice for users of all kinds, from Fortune 500 companies to hardware makers, content providers, software developers and individual technologists. With developers, support staff and engineering centres all over the world, Canonical is uniquely positioned to help its partners and enterprise customers make the most of Ubuntu. Canonical is a privately held company. For more information, please visit or Media contact:


“Cavium’s Project Thunder is designed to deliver a family of highly integrated, multi-core processors that will incorporate full custom cores built from the ground up based on the 64-bit Armv8 instruction set architecture (ISA) into an innovative system-on-chip (SoC) solution. Thunder SoCs are designed to redefine features, performance, power and cost metrics for the next generation cloud and datacenter markets,” said Raghib Hussain, CTO and Cofounder of Cavium. “We are committed to supporting Linaro’s LEG effort that will provide a unified and consistent software base for our customers and ecosystem partners. LEG’s software specifications and deliverables will accelerate Arm based server development.”

About Cavium: Cavium is a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing in networking, communications and the digital home. Cavium offers a broad portfolio of integrated, software compatible processors ranging in performance from 10 Mbps to over 100 Gbps that enable secure, intelligent functionality in enterprise, data-center, broadband/consumer and access & service provider equipment. Cavium’s processors are supported by ecosystem partners that provide operating systems, tool support, reference designs and other services. Cavium’s principal offices are in San Jose, California with design team locations in California, Massachusetts, India and China. For more information, please Media contact: Angel Atondo, +1 408-943-7417


“Arm microprocessor architecture has the potential to bring about a fundamental shift in the datacenter industry, enabling new levels of compute and energy efficiency and spurring greater competition in the server CPU market,” said Frank Frankovsky, VP of hardware design and supply chain for Facebook. “But a lot of work must still be done to turn that vision into a reality, and the Linaro Enterprise Group can play a crucial role by ensuring that we have the software ecosystem necessary to support these new Arm-based server solutions. Facebook is happy to join LEG and invest in this ecosystem.”

About Facebook: Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. More information about Facebook is available at, Media contact:


“As data center capacity requirements explode, clients look for solutions that will provide extreme energy efficiency, cost savings and reduced datacenter footprint,” said Tim Wesselman, senior director Partner Strategy, Hyperscale Business Group, Industry Standard Servers and Software, HP. “Through collaboration with LEG and its members, HP extends the promise of Project Moonshot and the development of the Arm server software ecosystem to offer a broad range of innovative System On Chip (SoC) designs and Linux server distributions.”

About HP: HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. More information about HP is available at here. Media contact: Annalie Grubbs,


“As a recent core member of Linaro, we’re very happy to be a founding member of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG)” said Teresa He, President of HiSilicon. “The number of leading companies involved in LEG is a clear indication of the requirement in this space and we look forward to working with them to accelerate the development of the Arm server software ecosystem.”

About HiSilicon: HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Hisilicon has set up design divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley (USA) and Sweden. The company is a leading chipset solution provider for telecom network, wireless terminal and digital media with the advantage of providing end-to-end chipsets and solutions from telecom network to consumer electronics. It has been serving more than 200 global operators in over 100 countries and will continue to bring maximum value to global operators and consumers. For more information, please visit


“As demand for cloud services continues its rapid growth curve, the limitations of traditional server technologies come into plain sight,” said Steve Dansey, associate vice president of Marketing for the Cloud Services and Infrastructure (CSI) Business Unit of Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “With a fundamentally efficient architecture that has already proven itself via the dominant adoption in the mobile space, Arm is a natural fit to address the challenges of today’s scale-out and big data cloud service and application centers. In keeping with Marvell’s mission to supply the leading platforms for all aspects of the connected lifestyle, we fully support LEG’s endeavor to accelerate Arm adoption in cloud servers by enabling software compatibility across different custom Arm SoCs that balance Storage, Networking and Compute resources.”

About Marvell: Marvell is a world leader in the development of storage, communications and consumer silicon solutions. Marvell’s diverse product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless and storage solutions that power the entire communications infrastructure, including enterprise, metro, home and storage networking. As used in this release, the term “Marvell” refers to Marvell Technology Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries. For more information, visit Media contact: Kim Anderson, +1-408-222-0950,

Red Hat

About Red Hat: Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. As the connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT. Learn more at Media contact: Stephanie Wonderlick,


About Samsung: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2009 consolidated sales of 16.8 billion. Employing approximately 188,000 people in 185 offices across 65 countries, the company consists of eight independently operated business units: Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, Digital Imaging, Semiconductor and LCD. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. To learn more visit:


“As a founding member of Linaro, ST-Ericsson is pleased to see Linaro extending its successful model into other computing segments. The Linux on Arm ecosystem is demonstrating its strength by adding new members and growing beyond mobile.” said Bjorn Ekelund, Head of Ecosystem, Research and Innovation at ST-Ericsson.

About ST-Ericsson: ST-Ericsson is a world leader in developing and delivering a complete portfolio of innovative mobile platforms and cutting-edge wireless semiconductor solutions across the broad spectrum of mobile technologies. The company is a leading supplier to the top handset manufacturers. To learn more visit: Media contact: