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What to expect from Linaro at the Embedded Linux Conference (Europe) 2019

Bill Fletcher

Linaro will be exhibiting at ELC-E in Lyon next week, showing engineering solutions for the Arm Ecosystem and how we work with members to consolidate codebases in the ecosystem as a whole and in specific market segments.

On the Linaro stand we’ll be talking about:

  • the ecosystem and community projects that we host and/or contribute to - including Linux, toolchains, boot and security
  • LAVA, our continuous integration system for deploying operating systems on to physical and virtual hardware for running tests; designed for validation during development
  • Leveraging Linaro’s expertise on a custom project through Linaro Developer Services - how Linaro can help your company build, deploy, secure and maintain your code, including CI and automated validation

Our demonstrations:

  • The Linaro open source hardware and software ecosystem around the STMicroelectronics STM32MP1
  • LAVA which powers the Linux Kernel Functional Test (LKFT) project
STM32MP1 community hardware demonstrating OpenAMP and Zephyr Latest Developments in Linaro’s LAVA CI Infrastructure Project

You can find us, our members and projects on the following stands:

Linaro - Stand B24

STMicroelectronics - Stand P1

Arm - Stand S3

Red Hat - Stand G3

Trusted Firmware Linaro Community Project - Stand B2

In addition to our booth presence, Andrea Gallo, VP of Membership Development from Linaro will also be presenting a session on AI/ML Deployment at the Edge on Monday 28 October at 16.20. Click here to read the complete abstract.

Even if you can’t make it to ELC-E: