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Linaro Developer Services has extensive experience developing, porting and maintaining several Linux distributions on a variety of platforms. This includes bootloader and Linux kernel ports, as well as integration into various distributions. The team has extensive experience porting and maintaining the Linux kernel; in fact it several team members are maintainers. Linaro Developer Services has done extensive optimization work for customers. Optimization work ranges from memory size optimizations for restricted memory devices, power usage optimizations in the kernel, boot time optimizations for set top boxes as well performance optimizations in libraries like libc.

Linaro Developer Services has extensive experience developing and maintaining bootloaders for a variety of boards that boot embedded Linux or AOSP.
Linux kernel
Linaro is consistently listed as one of the top five company contributors, worldwide, to Linux kernels since 3.10.
Optimization Services
Linaro Developer Services has extensive experience in helping clients improve their existing tools and infrastructure through optimization and automation.
Specialises in providing security to ARM Open Source Linux distributions and delivering high quality secure products across the ARM Open Source ecosystem.
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