Sanechips to demonstrate RoseFinch7100 at Linaro Connect

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Sanechips to demonstrate RoseFinch7100 at Linaro Connect

At the Linaro Connect Demo Friday in Hong Kong (HKG18) on 23 March, Sanechips Technology will demonstrate the RoseFinch7100 NB-IoT (narrow band Internet of things) chip. This is the first NB-IoT secure chip independently developed in China. Announced on 28 September 2017, The RoseFinch7100 has passed the certification of China Mobile and China Telecom, and it has been widely deployed in gas meters, household appliances, municipal management (parking, manhole cover, street lamp, environmental monitoring) and other industries.

The demonstration will show the RoseFinch7100 running the Zephyr RTOS with integrated IP/TCP/UDP/COAP/MQTT/LWM2M protocols, IoT Cloud Engine and FOTA services. Sanechips has worked closely with the Linaro IoT and Embedded (LITE) group to enable upstream Zephyr support for the chip. The Sanechips Development Environment (SDE), based on OpenOCD (Open On-Chip Debugger) and Eclipse, will also be demonstrated.

Produced on a 55nm ultra low power technology process, the RoseFinch7100 is specifically designed for intensive low power IoT applications, such as cellular LPWA (low power wide area). The chip integrates the low power/high performance CEVA-X1 DSP IP for baseband and offers low sleep current of 2uA at 2V, which can provide an extended battery life. It also offers Cloud-Chip Global Security based on Trusted Zone, up to 30 GPIOs and all R14 Frequency Bands, and no need for an external MCU as the RoseFinch7100 can provide strong connectivity for most LPWA applications independently.

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About Sanechips

Sanechips Technology Co., Ltd, a sub-company of ZTE, was founded in 2003. With its focus on telecom technologies, Sanechips is committed to becoming a world-leading chip supplier. During over ten years of development, Sanechips has built highly-qualified R&D and management teams, attracted over 2000 R&D engineers, and established a number of R&D institutions around the world. By the end of of 2016, Sanechips has submitted over 3,000 IC patents (including over 800 PCT patents). In 2017, Sanechips has generated CNY 6.6 billion in sales revenue, ranked third among IC design companies in China. The chips have been successfully put into commercial use in “clouds, pipes, and terminals”, such as communication networks, personal applications, smart homes, and industrial applications.

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