Linaro Android updated to 4.0.4

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Less than 24 hours after Android 4.0.4 appeared on Google’s servers, we’re pleased to announce the availability of a Linaro-ified Android 4.0.4. (This is not an official release - it’s the beginning of the 12.04 builds.)

The complete source is available in our git repository - in linaro_android_4.0.4 branches in subprojects containing modifications by Linaro, or using the android-4.0.4_r1.1 tag in subprojects using unmodified code from AOSP.

To get a complete Linaro Android 4.0.4 build, run

    repo init -u git:// -b linaro_android_4.0.4 -m BUILDTYPE.xml
    repo sync

Where BUILDTYPE is the build type you want to use (which build type you want to use depends primarily on your target hardware) - one of landing-panda, landing-snowball, staging-iMX53, staging-iMX6, staging-origen, staging-panda, staging-vexpress-a9, staging-vexpress-rtsm, tracking-origen, tracking-panda or tracking-snowball.

Binary builds will appear shortly on android-build.

Of course, another, even faster, way to get 404 is just going here. ;-)

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