Board Picture

First revision of Hisilicon 96Boards TV Platform board (codenamed Poplar).

The LHG team held a very successful, action-packed sprint at the Huawei/Hisilicon facilities in Shenzhen, China on July 11-14.  The sprint was well attended by Linaro and LHG member company engineers, and pulled in a lot of interested local engineers from Hisilicon, MStar, and ZTE.

The key sprint activities included:

  • Security builds: getting all engineers fluent in creating OP-TEE builds on Linux and Android for PlayReady and Widevine DRMs.  Also, furthering secure data path work for both Android and Linux using Secure Memory Allocation Framework (SMAF).
  • AOSP TV: investigation into AOSP and TV input framework to determine extensions to support TV channel input and TV applications.  Investigate work to be done in the HAL for hooks for media, graphics acceleration, and security.
  • Moving the LHG OpenEmbedded builds to Yocto 2.1 (Krogoth)
  • Chromium browser group discussions on reducing code size and memory requirements for embedded use cases.
  • Introduction of the 96Boards TV Platform Board codenamed “Poplar” by Hisilicon, manufactured by Tocoding Technologies, Ltd.
  • Robot test automation framework ( evaluation for LHG specific testing use cases.
  • TVOS architecture discussions with key architects from Hisilicon, Huawei, and MStar

people at LHG 2016 sprint 2

Visiting engineers viewing LHG demos during the Open House session.

There was an Open House session on Wednesday afternoon (3-5pm) where prospective LHG members (Spreadtrum and Rockchip) witnessed the LHG team in action.  The LHG engineers gave five demos and walked the visitors through each of their demos.  The visitors were visibly impressed to see a total LHG team effort for the demos and the high level of engagement and infectious enthusiasm in the team.

Picture 1

TVOS Meeting Group Photo: LHG member companies, Linaro Greater China team and Steven Sheng (SAPPRFT; 5th from right).

Finally on Thursday, there was a meeting of the LHG member companies who are also participating in the China TVOS working group with the CTO from the China state agency (SAPPRFT) - Mr. Steve Sheng.  The meeting focused on how LHG can participate and contribute to the TVOS project and was very positive.

Picture 1

LHG engineers engaging in lively technical discussions.

I was deeply gratified to see a high level of commitment to engineering excellence exhibited by the Linaro and member assignee engineers throughout the week.  A big thank you to all for making it a tremendous success!

Dinner at LHG sprint 2016

LHG Sprint Team Dinner.

A special note of thanks to our hosts Huawei/Hisilicon for the superb meeting facilities and taking care of logistics, transportation, meals, etc.  Greatly appreciated!