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Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK) was announced in 2013 as an effort to address the challenges often faced by system integrators in balancing the desire to adopt and benefit from the most current technology and the need to stabilize the system for release, especially around the kernel.   Starting with the 13.09 release Linaro began producing the Linaro Stable Kernel to help address this problem.  The LSK provides access to new Linaro features integrated with the most recent Long Term Stable (LTS) release.  Today, there are two LSK releases (v3.10 & v3.14) and three flavors for each release (Android, RT, Core). The latest LSK features can be found on  At the recent Linaro Connect USA the Linaro Stable Kernel team took time out to discuss the team’s progress and what the team’s plans are in the future.

If you were not able to attend, here’s a recap of the LSK session during the show as well as an interview with the team’s leaders discussing the activities the team has been working on and what is coming up.

Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK) team leads discuss the team’s current status and future:

 Session Videos during Linaro Connect USA 2014

During Linaro Connect USA the LSK team held a session to discuss in detail the team’s activities taking place.

  • LCU14-511: LSK Overview and Status AVA Use Cases: Upstream Kernel CI
    • Session Summary:

This session will provide a summary of the current status of LSK, an introduction for those not familiar with it and provide a forum for discussion of the status and direction with members.

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Linaro Stable Kernel

To learn more about this team and keep up to date with their latest work you can find more information at:

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