The 17.08 release for the Linaro Enterprise Reference Platform is now available

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The Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) is pleased to announce the 17.08 release for the Linaro Enterprise Reference Platform. Click here to download the release.

The goal of the Linaro Enterprise Reference Platform is to provide a fully tested, end to end, documented, open source implementation for Arm based Enterprise servers. The Reference Platform includes boot firmware, kernel, a community supported userspace and additional relevant open source projects. The Linaro Enterprise Reference Platform is built and tested on Linaro members’ hardware and the Linaro Developer Cloud. It is intended to be a reference example for use as a foundation for members and partners for their products based on open source technologies. Members, partners and ecosystem companies, including distributions, Open Source Projects, ISVs, hyperscalers, OEMs and ODMs, can leverage the reference for Arm in the datacenter.

The Linaro Enterprise Group has worked closely with Linaro’s Core Technology & Tools teams to deliver the Linaro Enterprise Reference Platform with updates across the software stack (Firmware, Linux Kernel, and key server workloads) for Arm based Enterprise servers, and with a focus on QA testing and platform interoperability. OpenStack reference architecture is now available with ansible playbooks, allowing users to deploy an end to end Openstack reference on Arm servers. BigTop 1.2 stack of BigData components have been built and tested with OpenJDK 8. Bigtop 1.2 consists of Hadoop 2.7.3 (upgraded from 2.7.2), Spark 2.1 (upgraded from 2.0), Hive 1.2.1 and HBase 1.1.3 as core components. In this release all smoke tests have been verified running on Arm for Hadoop - HDFS, Yarn and MapReduce, Hive and Spark. ELK v5.4.1 stack of components (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) are also built as part of this release.

Below is the complete list of 17.08 features:

Reference Platform Kernel

  • 4.12 based, including under-review topic branches to extend hardware platform support
  • Unified tree, used by the Debian Reference Platform
  • ACPI and PCIe support
  • Single kernel config and binary (package) for all hardware platforms


  • Tianocore EDK II and OpenPlatformPkg containing reference implementations for Huawei D03/D05

17.08 with Debian based installer and userspace

  • Network Installer based on Debian 8.9 “Jessie”
  • Unified Reference Platform (Common) Kernel based on 4.12

Enterprise Components

  • Bigtop 1.2 (Hadoop 2.7.3, Spark 2.1.0, Hive 1.2.1,HBase 1.1.3)
  • Ceph 10.2.7
  • DPDK 17.05
  • Docker 1.12.6
  • ERP 17.08 OpenStack Newton
    • New Swift package released
  • ELK - ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana 5.4.1
  • Libvirt 3.4.0
  • OpenJDK 8
  • QEMU 2.9

Supported Hardware Platforms

  • Cavium ThunderX
  • HiSilicon D03
  • HiSilicon D05
  • HPE Proliant m400
  • Qualcomm Centriq 2400

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