Remi Duraffort profile photo.

Congratulations to Remi Duraffort for 5 years at Linaro

We would like to congratulate Remi Duraffort for making a difference in open source at Linaro for 5 years.

About Remi Duraffort (Engineer / Linaro)

I contribute to free software since 2007, mainly on VLC (I’m core developer since 2008) and other project like PRoot or Debian (maintaining some packages). I joined ST Microelectronics in 2011. I ported v8 JavaScript engine on SH4 processors (which mean rewritting the code generator from scratch). Since 2014 I’m assignee in the LAVA team. I rewrote the web interface, designed the new master-slave protocol, …

Ask me about

Python, Django, VLC, climbing