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Grant Likely


Prior to Grant Likely’s current role as Linaro CTO, he was the senior technical director in the architecture group at Arm. Grant was responsible for the SystemReady IR program which brings interoperability between hardware, operating systems and applications to the edge and IoT ecosystems. Prior to this he was a Linaro Fellow in the CTO office and helped shape Linaro’s overall technical strategy when it was formed in a way that supports the different strategic goals of each Linaro group. Grant is well known in the Linux kernel development community as the previous Devicetree maintainer and as a community leader who chaired the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board, has helped organize conferences, and is a frequent speaker at conferences. It is through his Linux work that he saw the power of collaboration to achieve far more than any of us can individually. Working on Linux inspired him in 2005 to start a consulting business focused on helping clients build simpler and maintainable embedded Linux devices by collaborating with the developer community rather than taking from it. In each role since he has continued to seek greater collaboration and take advantage of opportunities for shared engineering.