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Open CMSIS Pack Project Releases CMSIS-Toolbox 2.2.0

Bill Fletcher

Bill Fletcher

Thursday, December 7, 2023|2 min read

The Open CMSIS Pack project, which is hosted by Linaro, has released CMSIS-Toolbox Version 2.2.0. CMSIS-Toolbox provides a set of command-line tools to work with software packs in Open-CMSIS-Pack format.

CMSIS-Toolbox 2.2.0 adds generator integration, extends translation controls, adds context set, adds pack locking, and improves linker script management. Refer to release information for more details.

CMSIS-Toolbox Version 2.2.0 contains:

Package Installer 2.0.0
Project Manager 2.2.0
Build Manager 2.2.0
Build Invocation Utility 2.2.0
Pack Verification 1.4.1
System View Verification 3.3.46
Generator Bridge 0.9.1

Supported platforms: Windows-amd64, Windows-arm64, Linux-amd64, Linux-arm64, macOS-amd64, macOS-arm64.

For more information see:

The Open-CMSIS-Pack project delivers the infrastructure to integrate and manage software components and improve code reuse across embedded and IoT projects. Software compatibility for component re-use has long been a challenge in the microcontroller space, especially for the IoT and its diversity at the hardware level. Open-CMSIS-Pack helps to address this complexity, by delivering a standard for software component packaging and related foundation tools for validation, distribution, integration, management, and maintenance.

Open-CMSIS-Pack is a public project hosted by Linaro. Anyone is welcome to bring relevant participation to the mailing list and in the public weekly technical meeting. More details of the project, list and meetings can be found at and at

Picture of an STM32 development board supported by STMicroelectronics tools that leverage Open CMSIS Pack

Picture of typical microcontroller-based IoT hardware where Open CMSIS Pack is applicable