This page contains direct links to the latest versions of the most popular downloads from Linaro. These include a selection of builds including Android, the LAVA test framework and key toolchains.

Linaro Member Builds

LMBs are full system builds of popular open-source products set up at the request of a Linaro Core/Club Member company.

ARM AARCH 64 Logo Juno, Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP), Versatile Express Platform release notes
Qualcomm Snapdragon Logo Download for Snapdragon 600 processor Snapdragon 600 Linux Platform

Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK)

The LSK is a version of’s Long-Term Stable (LTS) release with new Linaro developed optimizations and ARM support integrated. There are two versions: a “Core” version for generic Linux and an “Android” version. Click right for the latest downloads.

Linaro Confectionary Release (LCR)

R-LCR is a build of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) from a stable “L” branch that includes platform support and other features. R-LCR includes the Android flavour of Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK) for all machine configurations.


The Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) is a test and continuous integration framework that Linaro uses to validate its releases. The source is open so that members and others can create their own instantiations and run proprietary tests within this standard framework. Click here for the latest downloads.

Linaro Networking

Based on the Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK) and upstream, these kernels add features currently being developed by LNG and not upstreamed yet.

Release notes


Latest LSK kernel for which a preempt-rt patch set has been released, plus patches that have not yet been accepted upstream and are relevant to LNG lng linux-linaro-lng-4.1.13
Same as linux-linaro-lng-v4.1 but with the preempt-rt patches applied. lng linux-linaro-lng-preempt-rt-4.1.7


The OpenDataPlane API has three implementations supported directly by LNG

Functional reference model that runs on any linux implementation ODP-Icon-50x odp-linux-generic
Reusing odp-linux-generic and adding packet_io acceleration via Netmap ODP-Icon-50x odp-netmap
Performance implementation build for x86  using the DPDK SDK. ODP-Icon-50x odp-dpdk

Linaro Toolchain

Linaro offers monthly updates to QEMU, GDB, toolchain components and various versions of GCC. You can access source and pre-built binaries. Click below for the latest downloads.

linaro-toolchain-binaries (little-endian) Linux Windows Installer Bare Metal Source Sysroot
linaro-toolchain-binaries (big-endian) Linux Bare Metal Source Sysroot
linaro-toolchain-binaries (Aarch64 little-endian) Linux Windows Installer Bare Metal Source Sysroot
linaro-toolchain-binaries (Aarch64 big-endian) Linux Bare Metal Source Sysroot

More interested in bare-metal and long-term maintained releases for ARM embedded processors? We’re working with ARM to also supply a Cortex-R and Cortex-M bare-metal build. Major releases will be made once a year with quarterly update releases. Releases will be maintained for two years. Get these from Launchpad: