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Enabling the Next Wave of Compute at the Edge with ONELab

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Tuesday, April 9, 20243 min read

The pace of digital transformation across various industries is accelerating, ushering in new innovative business services and unparalleled efficiencies. From the development of advanced manufacturing facilities to the creation of sustainable, energy-efficient cities, and the integration of electric transportation systems, data insight lies at the core of these transformative endeavors. However, traditional models of data insight, often centered around cloud-centric architectures, are facing challenges in accommodating the scale and complexity of modern data requirements.

Challenges in Edge Compute:

As the number of connected devices continues to grow exponentially, there is a pressing need to process data closer to its source, driving the demand for sophisticated edge compute solutions. Factors such as latency, power consumption, cost, privacy constraints, and data volume necessitate the deployment of edge compute infrastructure rather than relying solely on remote cloud-based servers.

Scaling data insight and value requires edge devices to seamlessly integrate with centralized cloud environments, forming a confederated hybrid cloud capable of delivering services efficiently and at scale. Operational efficiency becomes crucial as edge compute infrastructure expands, encompassing both development costs and ongoing operational expenses. Furthermore, fostering agile innovation demands an adaptable development flow that facilitates rapid prototyping and continuous improvement.

Introducing the ONELab:

ONELab has been conceived to address these challenges and enable interoperability testing at scale for Edge and IoT devices. This innovative service provides a platform for Silicon Vendors (SiPs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to continuously test interoperability with operating systems and cloud services, ensuring readiness for cloud-native edge deployments.

Key Features of ONELab:

  • Save time and resources: designed to streamline the testing and Arm SystemReady and PSA Certified certification process, making it effortless for users to verify hardware and software compatibility:
  • Minimize risks and reduce costs: Identify issues early by addressing compatibility concerns throughout your development process, reducing the risk of costly setbacks later on.
  • Trust granted: provide evidence that products are cloud-native edge-ready and ensures products work seamlessly together.

How It Works:

ONELab operates as a virtual plug fest, with SiPs and ODMs providing platforms for testing, while OS vendors and cloud service providers contribute operating systems and test suites. The lab schedules test runs, collects results, and provides detailed reports to users, enabling them to identify and resolve interoperability issues proactively.


The ONELab is already benefiting from the active participation of ADLINK, AMD Xilinx, Arm, Bosch Software and Digital Solution, Qualcomm, Renesas, Red Hat, Texas Instruments as supporting partners.

It represents a significant step towards overcoming the challenges of cloud-native edge computing. By fostering collaboration and interoperability testing, we aim to create a more secure, efficient, and scalable ecosystem for Edge and IoT devices. Join Linaro at Embedded World to see the ONELab demo in action. Visit us at booth 4-501a