Validation is key to the delivery of robust code. Linaro has developed an automated testing system called LAVA (Linaro Automated Validation Architecture). This system is open source and can be recreated by following the documentation.  Below are examples of the installation of LAVA.

LAVA includes a web framework with extensions for things like scheduling jobs, and storing results. The web framework can be extended with custom extensions for storing new types of data, or presenting custom result views. LAVA also has a dispatcher component for processing test jobs that can deploy Ubuntu, Open Embedded and Android images on supported development boards. As with the web interface, custom extensions can be written to support additional client types (development boards) and interface with external equipment. LAVA also has test runners that can provide a consistent interface to various Linux and Android test suites. Additional test suites can easily be added. The LAVA scheduler shows results from current tests and links to related LAVA pages. The LAVA Wiki shows additional information including how to contribute and communicate with the LAVA Team.