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Linaro was founded by companies focused on working together in the mobile space. As Linaro’s work
has broadened beyond mobile with the establishment of groups, discussions in the Technical
Steering Committee (TSC) have similarly broadened and towards the end of 2013, a mobile sub-
committee (MOBSCOM) was formed to deal with mobile discussions in more detail.

Linaro’s mission in the mobile space has always been to collaborate with members to consolidate
and optimize open source software for mobile platforms on ARM. The mobile space includes all types
of phones, tablets, laptops and wearables. Android has been identified as the primary mobile OS on
which Linaro’s work in this area is tested, but other options, including Chrome OS, Firefox OS and
Tizen have been discussed and could be brought in if members decided there was a need.

Work in the mobile space is spread throughout the working groups and a search of the Linaro wiki
is the best way to find specific topics: