Professional Services

Core engineering in Linaro is all about collaborative engineering that is shared through open source projects. When that work needs to be used in products, there may be a certain amount of vendor-specific work that is not appropriate to be done with other companies or training required - these are two of the functions that Linaro’s Professional Services serves.

Core and Club members have the option of a landing team of Linaro engineers who work on work specific to that member under NDA. These engineers are experts in particular areas and help bring Linaro’s unique expertise and experience into the member companies accelerating their effective use of open source technology.

Linaro Professional Services also has a Solutions Engineering team dedicated to fulfilling general support requests for all members and a range of other engineers who deliver professional service projects for both members and non-members. These projects tend to be large pieces of work that take months or even years and they are critical technology related to Linaro work required for shipping products or work that needs to be developed confidentially for eventual release to or as an open source project.