Inspiring — Interacting — Innovating

Be inspired by the industry leaders in Linux on ARM. Engineers attending will learn from the best and the brightest in the Linux on ARM community about the latest software developments around ARM, new ways of optimizing the latest ARM technology and participate in solving community problems.

Linaro Connect is all about engineering and community. The event consists of several parts:

  • Keynote Speakers:  Where leaders from all corners of the tech industry take the stage to discuss emerging trends, current community and Linaro activities, and everything in-between.
  • Event Sessions: Event sessions are organized by topics and are a a collection of discussion, planning and agreement on how to run projects within Linaro.

Event Session Topics

  • Kernel
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia
  • Power Management
  • Platform
  • QA Tracks
  • Toolchain
  • Validation

Mini-summits:  Summits focus on cross-team collboration and planning in key areas.

While the face to face interaction with leading open source maintainers and engineers is a key benefit for attendees, Linaro Connect also offers remote participation for most sessions.  It is available through Google Hangouts OnAir, but the opportunities for interaction cannot compare to attending in person and people you will get to know. To view past connect click here

Enable the Innovation

*Please note that Linaro Connect is a five day event that is packed full of valuable information. It starts at 9:00am on Monday and finishes at 6:00pm on Friday. You should therefore arrive on Sunday night and leave no earlier than Friday evening to get the most out of the event and not miss out.
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