Standards based BIOS for Arm SystemReady hardware

Trusted Substrate is a BIOS that brings standards based secure booting and over-the-air (OTA) updates to the most trust demanding embedded computing projects such as automotive and robotics. OTA is a key value of Trusted Substrate as it allows any firmware components to be updated with anti-bricking and anti-roll back protections, and will allow transactional updates in asymmetric computing, Cortex-A + Cortex-M solutions.

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Dependable Boot

Dependable Boot

When exposed outside data centers, computers of all sizes are vulnerable to a whole new set of risks...

Over-the-air Updates

Over-the-air Updates

Over-the-air updates have been around for a while but this process needs to reach a degree of scalability and trust never seen before...

Trusted Services

Trusted Services

Trusted Substrate is being developed to facilitate portable Trust Services across processor architectures and platforms...

Trusted Substrate Panel Discussion

The goal of the Trusted Substrate panel is to discuss what’s new on the firmware planet and how it is influencing Linux. In addition to this, panelists will discuss their views on: The value of standardized firmware interfaces, particularly on OTA The strategic value of firmware as it is changing role The continued importance of working upstream Safety certification in industrial and automotive areas.

Is the project for me?

If you are a product builder you may want to lead specific aspects of the ownership lifecycle, software supply chain integration or over-the-air updates for instance. Some tenders may require compliance to regulatory or industry specific trust related documentation (NIST, UN.WP29, ASIL…). Membership empowers you to have a strong influence on the scope of the relevant specifications that Trusted Substrate needs to cover.

If you are an operating system provider, you may want to influence the feature and interface implementation aspects. Membership gives you an opportunity to push for completeness of the implementation that sometimes includes components that are optional, based on standards which may be required for your specific use cases.

If you are a SoC vendor, you may want to ensure that all your digital trust technologies are properly exposed and that your product meets all the requirements from product builders. Membership gives you the opportunity to push and promote your secure element and your innovative crypto accelerators as well as silicon based hardware attack mitigations.

If your business relies on trusted applications such as Digital Rights Management, Digital Wallet or fingerprint authentication, you may want to lead the transformation of the trusted application life cycle and lead its specification and technical roadmap.

Associated Members

Red Hat