Bootloaders and Boot Architecture

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Linaro Developer Services has broad experience helping companies plan and implement the right bootloader architecture for their commercial product platform, including:

  • Arm Trusted Firmware
  • UEFI
  • U-Boot

We also have Zephyr RTOS boot architecture expertise.

Experienced with boot time optimization

  • Worked with customers to implement challenging product boot performance requirements
  • Example: Delivered the complete boot architecture for AOSP and Linux on several 96Boards

Experienced with secure boot implementation

  • Worked with customers to implement challenging product secure boot requirements
  • Example: Delivered complete trusted boot architecture using U-Boot and Linux on customer selected boards

Linaro Developer Services is a direct contributor to the Arm Trusted Firmware, UEFI and U-Boot projects

Linaro Developer Services is able to confidently design and deliver secure boot solutions. Let us help you get your board booting faster.