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Linux kernel

Linaro is consistently listed as one of the top five company contributors, worldwide, to Linux kernels since 3.10. Contributions go through cycles and Linaro was ranked #1 in Kernel 4.9 due to a block of contributions developed as part of project Ara. Linaro currently has over 25 kernel maintainers on staff.

Linaro makes contributions that cannot easily be accessed elsewhere – examples include core scheduler development, thermal and power management, EAS tuning and optimization. Being part of Linaro means Linaro Developer Services can easily access this specialist knowledge and provide expert advice.

Developer Services engineers have a wide variety of experience in the kernel. We can help you develop a device tree description of your hardware, as well as design, develop and debug the core kernel and a wide variety of device drivers for specific peripherals. We can also assist with upstreaming your kernel. Our engineers are experts at analyzing kernel code, breaking it into topic branches and refactoring the code to meet upstream standards. We are adept at managing the code submission and review process. We ensure submitted code is actually ready for submission before being sent and teach your engineers how to prepare and send the code to the mailing list. Developer Services engineers effectively teach you how to interact with the kernel maintainers.

OS and Distribution Integration

Linaro Developer Services specialises in distribution integration in two particular areas; AOSP and Android, and Linux and Debian. In both instances we offer:

  • BSP development and customization
  • Third party software integration
  • Boot time performance analysis and optimization
  • Security management
  • Long term support and maintenance

Linaro Developer Services has extensive experience developing, porting and maintaining AOSP, dpkg based distributions like Debian and Ubuntu, RPM based distributions like CentOS and RedHat, and embedded distributions like OpenEmbedded and Yocto on a variety of platforms. We can tailor our services to provide long term maintenance and support for these and other platforms.

We are able to provide complete BSP development and customization. Our services can include bootloader ports, custom Linux kernels and integration of third party software and devices into the BSP.

Linaro Developer Services has done extensive optimization work for customers. Optimization work ranges from memory size optimizations for restricted memory devices, power usage optimizations in the kernel, boot time optimizations for set top boxes as well performance optimizations in libraries like libc.

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