SDI is the enabler for the cloud revolution and the fundamental building block for richer services like Platform As A Service (PaaS), Software As A Service (SaaS), Data Base As A Service (DBaaS), etc. LEG Members have agreed to put together resources and focus on making Aarch64 a best in class citizen in the SDI communities and a well supported architecture from booting up to running a wide range of workloads at scale.

SDI relies on multiple key technologies:

  • Hypervisors and containers, e.g. KVM, Xen, LXC, LXD, etc.
  • Storage, e.g. Ceph, HDFS, Gluster, Swift
  • Computing
  • Networking

Key Deliverables: High Level Deliverables

  • Enablement: establish OpenStack foundation environment for continuous integration and performance profiling, using the upstream test suites and tooling. Provide ongoing reporting of findings for members and SDI community.
    • CI testing with upstream releases of OpenStack (Core)
    • Performance testing with OpenStack Rally benchmark of OpenStack (Core)
  • Benchmarking and Profiling: perform OpenStack compute, storage and networking testing for performance, scaling and capacity. Identify areas of optimization for the AArch64 platform.
    • Performance and scaling optimizations for Compute
    • Performance and scaling optimizations for Storage
    • Capacity and scaling optimizations for Networking
  • Containers: Provide Docker containers and registry, for use in a SDI (software defined Infrastructure) for the AArch64 platform. Incorporation of kubernetes for management of containerized applications (such as murano+heat or magnum)
    • ARM architecture Docker Containers and registry
    • Management of containerized applications

Useful Information:

  • SDI Work Load
  • SDI Mailing List: linaro-sdi (
  • SDI irc channel: #linaro-openstack
  • SDI Project Bugs
  • SDI Project Patches
  • SDI Documentation


  • Governance: LEG-SC
  • Mailing list:
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