Rapid Operating System Build and Test

Linaro and member companies collaborate to improve the quality of Operating System kernels (Linux, Android, Zephyr) by providing the software tools and processes to allow continuous build,functional testing and regression detection.

In addition, Linaro facilitates expanded testing coverage and higher software quality in various operating systems such as Linux, Android, and RTOSs.

Linaro has 10+ years experience working in the Arm embedded space and specialises in rapid deployment of automated testing.

How can Linaro help? How can Linaro help?

Firmware, Kernel, File-System, System Libraries, and Toolchains. These are colloquially known as an operating system.

Linaro provides the software tools to rapidly detect build and functional-test regressions in Linux, Android, Zephyr, and other operating systems against a variety of emulated and hardware targets (IoT, embedded, and server).

Linaro members are privileged to participate in a variety of activities that improve operating system software on their devices. They participate in the Linaro Linux Kernel Quality program, deploy landing teams that specialize in keeping their product Linux kernels current and upstream, work with Linaro to enable device automation in LAVA, and utilize Linaro’s scalable build and testing solutions to routinely test Linux on their devices.

Linaro member companies even build their own communities around testing in Linaro through Linaro directed projects. Linaro members spend more time focusing on differentiating technology and are able to have testing teams that can focus on last-mile testing by working directly with Linaro.

Associated Members