Horizon Robotics is a 96Boards Steering Committee Member

Horizon Robotics

With smart mobility, smart city and smart retail as main application scenarios, Horizon Robotics is dedicated to providing customers with open software platforms and application solutions based on its self-developed AI processors and algorithm is software. A variety of terminal devices are equipped with an AI “brain” that empowers them with the intelligence for perception, interaction, understanding and decision making.

With world-leading capabilities for deep learning and decision-making algorithm development, Horizon Robotics integrates algorithms into high-performance, low-power and low-cost edge AI processors and computing platforms. Based on innovative AI processor architecture Brain Processing Unit (BPU), Horizon Robotics has independently designed and developed China’s first world-leading edge AI vision processor - Journey processors for smart mobility and Sunrise processors for smart cameras, and provides customers in the industry with a complete solution of “algorithm + processor + cloud”.

In smart mobility, Horizon Robotics is the only start-up company in China which has established partnerships with Tier-1s and OEMs in all the top four global automotive markets (USA, Germany, Japan, and China). In smart city and smart retail, Horizon Robotics has collaborated with domestic partners to provide customized solutions to local authorities, manufacturing companies, shopping complexes and brand chain stores. Horizon Robotics is actively building an open edge AI ecosystem to work with upstream and downstream partners for joint development.

Horizon Robotics has R&D centers and business operations in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Silicon Valley. Horizon has gathered over 1 thousand top talents, with the majority of them graduated from top universities worldwide and equipped with rich international experiences from both industries and academia. The team members have won championship titles in more than 20 international AI competitions, and have widely applied products and services in fields such as autonomous driving, search ads, voice search, image search, face recognition, chip design and parallel computing.