BITMAIN is a 96Boards Steering Committee Member


BITMAIN is committed to providing high-performance computing chips, which is mainly applied to blockchain and artificial intelligence. The global market share in blockchain field reached 74.5%, holding an absolute leading position. High-performance chip design is the core competitiveness of BITMAIN, which has rich experience in the design of the most advanced process 7nm.

BITMAIN started up the development of AI chips from the end of 2015, and launched AI chip BM1680 in the first half of 2017, which is deep-learning-dedicated accelerated-computing chip for cloud application, and is the world-first publicly available dedicated chip for this application. The second AI chip BM1682 was launched in March 2018, which is about 5 times better performance than the first one. And in July 2018, the first terminal chip BM1880 was successfully launched. The AI products of BITMAIN can be applied to various fields like security monitoring, data center, supercomputing, and robot.