Xiamen Beiqi Technology Co. Ltd is a 96Boards Manufacturing Partner

Xiamen Beiqi Technology Co. Ltd

Xiamen Beiqi Technology Co., Ltd. is registered capital of 10 million. Since its establishment in August 2015, Beiqicloud has been devoted to the development and innovation of AI intelligent products. Beiqicloud is a complex high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent terminals such as Internet intelligent hardware and communication products.

Beiqicloud brings together the elites of the top Internet and intelligent software product design in China. The core members of the company team are from Rockchips R&D team and Star-net team, with many years of working background and deep product technology accumulation.

At present, the company has rich product experience in the field of artificial intelligence, wireless conference terminals, intelligent children's storyteller, AI voice smart home, industry customized motherboard, and has successfully developed and listed a number of products.

Beiqicloud passed the identification of innovative (pilot) enterprises in Xiamen in December 2017, municipal high-tech enterprises in Xiamen in January 2018, and national high-tech enterprises in October 2018.