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In 2015, Linaro launched 96Boards, a range of specifications with boards and peripherals offering different performance levels and features in a standard footprint. 96Boards aims to make the latest ARM-based processors available to developers at a reasonable cost. The specifications are open and define a standard board layout for SoC-agnostic (processor independent)  development platforms that can be used by developers and makers. To find out more about 96Boards, see the 96Boards website.

96Boards Compliance

Architecture and Design Consulting

Architecture and Design Consulting

Linaro Developer Services provides 96Boards designers and manufacturing partners with the following expert consulting services:

  • review of board design features, schematics and layouts
  • advice on bootloader and kernel development and implementation
  • advice on OS selection and integration issues
  • review of board documentation
  • advice on meeting 96Boards compliance requirements
Board Enablement

Board Enablement

Linaro Developer Services offers 96Boards designers and manufacturing partners with board enablement services.We  can provide a complete BSP for the board, from the lowest level firmware to the OS experience for the system user.  We are also able to provide an implementation of OP-TEE if a secure OS is required for the board.  Linaro Developer Serviceswill tailor services to provide long term maintenance and support as well.



Linaro Developer Services has experience developing, porting and maintaining Android on a variety of platforms. This includes bootloader ports, implementations of fastboot and the Linux kernel, and changes to the Android HAL to support the hardware. The Linaro Mobile group has done extensive work to optimize Android for restricted memory devices, work which Linaro Developer Services has been able to leverage for several customers’ devices. By developing and upstreaming BSP support for the HiKey and HiKey960 96Boards, Linaro has played an instrumental part in enabling Google to develop community board support in AOSP.


Linaro Develop Services develops and supports several Linux distributions on a variety of platforms. This includes bootloader and Linux kernel ports, as well as integration into various distributions. Not only does the team have experience porting and maintaining the Linux kernel, but several of our members are in fact maintainers themselves. Optimization is also an area where Linaro Developer Services can help. Our work covers everything from memory size optimizations for restricted member devices, power usage optimizations in the kernel, boot time optimizations for set top boxes, to performance optimizations in libraries like libc.  

OS and Distribution Integration

Linaro Developer Services specialises in distribution integration in two particular areas; AOSP and Android, and Linux and Debian. In both instances we offer:

  • BSP development and customization
  • Third party software integration
  • Boot time performance analysis and optimization
  • Security management
  • Long term support and maintenance

Linaro Developer Services can develop, port and maintain AOSP,  dpkg based distributions like Debian and Ubuntu, RPM based distributions like CentOS and RedHat, and embedded distributions like OpenEmbedded and Yocto on a variety of platforms. We tailor our services to provide long term maintenance and support for these and other platforms.

We provide complete BSP development and customization.  Our services can include bootloader ports, custom Linux kernels and integration of third party software and devices into the BSP.

Linaro Developer Services has worked extensively withoptimization. Optimization work ranges from memory size optimizations for restricted memory devices, power usage optimizations in the kernel, boot time optimizations for set top boxes as well performance optimizations in libraries like libc.

Example: RDK Project



OP-TEE (Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment) is Linaro’s implementation of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) as defined by the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) and based on specifications published by the GlobalPlatform association.

OP-TEE has its roots in a proprietary solution, initially created by ST-Ericsson and then owned and maintained by STMicroelectronics. Today OP-TEE is managed and maintained by the Linaro Security Working Group (SWG).  It is the front-running open source alternative to various other proprietary TEE solutions in the ARM ecosystem.  To find out more about OP-TEE, please visit www.op-tee.org.

Linaro Developer Services works closely with SWG and is able to help deploy an OP-TEE solution to meet your needs. Our  technical experts and strategic advisers provide the following OP-TEE related services:

  • Customized training sessions for developing and porting OP-TEE.  We can also tailor training on specific use cases such as secure video path as well as discussing DRM solutions such as PlayReady or WideVine.
  • OP-TEE porting and system integration, including support and maintenance. As the owner and maintainer of OP-TEE, Linaro security engineers continuously work on adding new features, fixing bugs and responding to security advisories.  Linaro as a whole is the most qualified organization to provide our valued customers with OP-TEE enablement services.  Developer Services can perform initial porting, extend ARM Trusted Firmware with additional drivers for secure hardware and ensure first class integration between ARM Trusted Firmware, OP-TEE and the dispatcher. Our integration expertise and capabilities are second to none.
  • Development of trusted applications.  Developer Services is able to provide the design and implementation of any trusted applications required by your product.
96Boards Compliance

96Boards Compliance

Linaro Developer Services provides 96Boards designers and manufacturing partners with expert advice and services to allow your board to meet the 96Boards compliance requirements.   

The 96Boards program is designed to ensure a specific level of hardware and software functionality and quality for the boards released under the program. Compliance requirements are part of the specifications for each class of board.  For more information on 96Boards compliance, see https://www.96boards.org/compliance/.

Development Tools

Development Tools

Development Tools are key in getting the most performance and utility out of the underlying hardware. Linaro Developer Services has the experts to make that happen. We specialise in domains of compilers, language runtimes and virtualization, which deliver world class products and services around the development toolchain by leveraging the best Open Source technologies.

Compilers and their tuning is central to getting the best performance from cutting edge hardware. This ranges from end to end development and tuning of compiler backends for new hardware, to optimizing and tuning compilers for microarchitecture variations in existing hardware. There are also special cases in application software that benefit from tuning the compiler for specific workloads, or even implementing industry and academic research to the benefit of these workloads.

Open Source compilers such as gcc and LLVM lead the global market. Tuning of compilers goes hand in hand with ensuring that the environments in which applications run are optimal – runtime libraries and environments are key to this experience.  Runtime libraries such as the GNU C Library, uClibc and newlib are used extensively in industry standard operating systems and we havethe expertise to enhance these libraries to ensure that they provide the most optimal environment for your applications. This expertise extends to the cloud, where emulation environments such as Qemu influence the runtime behaviour of applications.

The ability to diagnose problems in applications and fix them is perhaps the most important part of application development process. Linaro has considerable influence in the Open Source community and can cater to your requirements for software debugging and tracing by enhancing and customizing proven software such as gdb, valgrind and systemtap among others.

Expertise in Linaro is not just deep, it extends across a range of computing platforms. Our toolchain services’ offerings start with the smallest of computing devices with IoT, continue on to development toolchains for Android and go all the way up to developing and maintaining development tools and solutions for Enterprise platforms.

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