Performance Project

The Linaro Performance Project was launched in 2014 to connect engineers with source code modules that included Arm assembly language that might have needed to be ported and did need to be tested to see if they would work on new Arm 64-bit processors (Aarch64). These source code modules were outside the remit of Linaro’s engineering teams and the idea was to incentivize engineers in the community to work on these modules.

At the beginning, with no Armv8 hardware readily available, the site provided instructions to work on models. In 2015, Linaro launched 96Boards and Armv8 hardware became more readily available at a lower cost, but by this time a lot of the porting work necessary for key Armx8 applications had been completed.

Linaro is planning to update the Performance Project website and relaunch it with some new projects. If companies would be interested in sponsoring some of this work, please complete the form below.