OP-TEE stands for Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment. The project has roots in a proprietary solution, initially created by ST-Ericsson and then owned and maintained by STMicroelectronics. In 2014, Linaro started working with STMicroelectronics to transform the proprietary TEE solution into an open source TEE solution instead. In September 2015, the ownership was transferred to Linaro. Today it is one of the key security projects in Linaro, with several of Linaro’s members supporting and using it.

The optee_os git, contains the source code for the TEE in Linux using the Arm® TrustZone® technology. This component meets the GlobalPlatform TEE Client API for the communication with the TEE and GlobalPlatform TEE Internal Core API specifications for the Trusted Applications.

For more information on OP-TEE, visit our website: www.op-tee.org


OP-TEE is an open source project which contains a full implementation to make up a complete Trusted Execution Environment.


To reach out to OP-TEE developers, send them an email at: op-tee@linaro.org

To join the public discussion about TEE in general, go to tee-dev.

Community Information

To submit an issue and/or bug, please go to our Issues list on Github.

To access all the relevant documentation, go to Documentation on the op-tee.org website.