DeviceTree is a community effort by many companies and individuals to facilitate the future evolution of the Devicetree Standard.

The devicetree is a data structure for describing hardware. Rather than hard coding every detail of a device into an operating system, many aspects of the hardware can be described in a data structure that is passed to the operating system at boot time. The devicetree is used by OpenFirmware, OpenPOWER Abstraction Layer (OPAL), Power Architecture Platform Requirements (PAPR) and in the standalone Flattened Device Tree (FDT) form.


To reduce fragmentation, improve maintainability and increase multiplatform support in hardware description, by building on the existing standard for device tree which reflects the current best practices and technology. This standard will be supported by an open process that encourages wide community participation and industry support.


To submit patches, questions and general discussion, please sign up to the mailing list:

Community Information gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the specification. To do this, go to the github page where you can find the latest releases of the specification:

Governance uses an open goverenance model that is led by a community of developers who will form a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) based on expertise and value of contribution. All members will have an equal vote on core decisions ensuring quality among all participants and industry-wide consolidation.

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