The Linaro Networking Group (LNG) is an autonomous segment focused group that is responsible for engineering development in the networking space. Some activities of this group may be of shared interest with other segments and conducted by another working group, e.g. much virtualization work is of interest to mobile, servers and networking and is conducted by the Virtualization working group. The LNG engineering team is divided into two groups: (Cloud) Infrastructure and OpenDataPlane.

The portfolio, investment direction, themes, initiatives and value streams for LNG engineering activity are reviewed, approved/rejected and managed by the LNG Steering Committee and TSC. The LNG engineering team is currently focused on delivery of the OpenDataPlane product. The current mix of LNG engineering activities includes:

  • Networking related Linux features (crypto offloads, Huge Pages, eBPF…)
  • Time Sensitive Networking (network stack evolutions and drivers)
  • Real-time and isolation use cases and requirements for LSK-rt
  • Serviceability such as (kprobes, uprobes, performance counters in user space…)
  • Virtualization support with considerations for real-time performance, I/O optimization, robustness and heterogeneous operating environments on multi-core SoCs.
  • Data Plane Programming API

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