Zephyr and Trusted Execution Environments - Andy Gross, Linaro

The goal of the presentation is to present the current state of the Zephyr Project and implementation of trusted execution environment support. Andy will discuss the various changes required to support ARMv8M and ARMv7M trusted execution environments, with a focus on the ARM trusted firmware on ARM Cortex M. The presentation will include implementation updates on the configuration of security and partitioning of hardware resources, secure boot and multiple image support, and secure function definitions and APIs.

About Andy Gross

I’ve been doing embedded work for the past 20 years in various capacities (telecommunications, consumer products, and semiconductor companies). I currently work for Linaro as a member of the IoT group (LITE). My main work focus these days is IoT security on the Zephyr Project. I am also the Linux kernel maintainer for the Qualcomm SoCs. I have presented at ELC in the past on Zephyr and device tree and have also presented on various topics at Linaro Connect (Linux power management and Zephyr related topics).