IoT TLS: Why It’s Hard - David Brown, Linaro

TLS (formerly SSL) is fairly well known, and most people are familiar with it through the ‘s’ at the end of the ‘https’ in web URLs. Securing communication is also important in the IoT space, and presents challenges that are not present in the browser environment. In this presentation, David Brown will give a brief overview of TLS, cover some of the challenges faced using it in the IoT space, and show the current work being done to better support TLS in the Zephyr project.

About David Brown

David Brown has worked on Linux and embedded devices for several decades. Earlier focuses included a security focus on the Linux kernel. His current work at Linaro is with the Security Working Group, with a focus on Linaro’s IoT and Embedded group (LITE). His current work is on improving the security of systems in this space, specifically those using the Zephyr RTOS.