Securing the Arm Software Ecosystem

Securing the Arm Software Ecosystem

Linaro aims to tackle issues such as fragmentation, lack of standards and open source implementations in the Arm ecosystem. While we are involved in entire use cases and technologies, we also do a lot of low level security work to ensure the necessary building blocks are there, enabling the implementation and support of more feature rich use cases.

Almost all software Linaro develops is put into reference designs. Designs range from simple reference Linux setups including a simple root filesystem with the necessary tools and features to test the technology itself, to fully fledged AOSP builds where all bits and pieces are integrated, ready to use and test. It is not uncommon for the reference designs to be both developed and tested on Linaro member hardware. By delivering tested reference Open Source software, Linaro enables SoC vendors, OEMs and application developers to better understand how to design and build secure applications across a wide range of Arm products and segments, including IoT, mobile and digital.

Arm and other companies are constantly developing new standards that will enrich and enhance old features, with new technologies being invented all the time. And yet the world continues to talk about updates to IOT devices, servers leaking information between VMs, silicon which has (hardware) bugs and so on. So although Linaro has tackled many challenges, security is increasingly still an issue! We believe there is still a lot of work to be done to design for security through implementation, and beyond ten years down the road.

Linaro’s aim is to resolve common security issues and architect SoC/OEM agnostic security solutions for devices using an Arm chipset. These are the areas where we have made a significant impact in the past and areas where we are actively working today.

OP-TEE image

Back in 2013, Linaro member companies and the industry wanted to see an open alternative to the proprietary TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) solutions that existed at the time. For some use cases which involved…

Linux Kernel image
Linux Kernel

In the Linux kernel there are lots and lots of security features for obvious reasons . Linaro has been a contributor to the CryptoAPI for a couple of years. We created the current and official TEE framework in Linux and have…

Morello image

The UK government has initiated a programme called ‘Digitial Security by Design’. Together with global technology leaders including Google and Microsoft, Arm will work to develop prototype hardware - the Morello board.

AOSP Security image
AOSP Security

Google are constantly enabling new security features on Android. Many of these start out in AOSP. Linaro puts together reference designs for AOSP, meaning we are continuously enabling mandatory security…

Zephyr Security/IoT & Embedded Security image
Zephyr Security/IoT & Embedded Security

Linaro’s involvement with M-architecture security began in 2017, with Linaro porting the mcuboot bootloader to Zephyr. This bootloader went…

Digital Rights Management and secure video path image
Digital Rights Management and secure video path

Linaro aims to provide member companies with reusable components to quickly accelerate over-the-top, set-top…

SPCI / SPM and Virtualization on secure side image
SPCI / SPM and Virtualization on secure side

Linaro and its member companies are working with Arm to ensure that software written today will not only work in the future…

U-Boot UEFI subsystem implementation of Secure Boot and Measured Boot image
U-Boot UEFI subsystem implementation of Secure Boot and Measured Boot

Linaro is and has been a major player in getting this work done for U-Boot…

How do I get involved?

All the segment groups Linaro maintains benefit from the work Linaro does on security for Arm. This work provides the foundations these groups need to accelerate Arm development within their verticals. If you would like to get involved with the work Linaro does on security specifically, you can join as a member at Club or Core level. This will allow you to actively drive the engineering work and set the priorities.

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