Improving the media experience on Arm devices

Improving the media experience on Arm devices

Multimedia devices often function as home gateways and IP clients to access broadband and Pay TV services and are capable of managing content rights throughout the connected home. Viewers expect these devices to deliver rich 3D graphical user interfaces, access to their favorite applications, and the ability to watch and record programs all while operating on lower standby and active power. Many standards exist, but these are not implemented consistently across all platforms and devices, leading to significant fragmentation, a multitude of point solutions and subsequently significant amounts of duplicated, non-differentiating engineering effort. The Linaro multimedia group was formed in 2018 to help overcome these fragmentation issues and provide standardized solutions, helping to improve the media experience on Arm and resolve common multimedia problems for the Arm ecosystem.

Linaro works on fundamental software platforms which enable rapid deployment of new services across a range of platforms. Developing the base platform for diverse and complex multimedia applications requires a significant amount of software that addresses common challenges.

Secure Video image
Secure Video

The goal of the project is to provide member companies with reusable open source components (where possible) to quickly accelerate over-the-top, set-top box…

Reference Design Kit (RDK) image
Reference Design Kit (RDK)

RDK is a modular, portable and customizable open source software solution that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband and IoT devices. The…

Camera image

As SoC camera architectures have become more complex, the kernel APIs have evolved to support this increased complexity. New kernel APIs such as media controller…

Audio/Video automated testing image
Audio/Video automated testing

To ensure your products are secure and of the highest possible quality, you want to be able to test them. Linaro provides members with re-usable test definitions built…

How do I get involved?

All Linaro member companies benefit from the work Linaro does on multimedia. This work provides the foundations these groups need to accelerate Arm development within their verticles. If you would like to get involved with the work Linaro does on multimedia specifically, you can join as a member at Club or Core level. This will allow you to actively drive the engineering work and set the priorities.

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