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The datacenter and cloud ecosystems continue to grow and evolve at breakneck speed, with new technologies being introduced at a high rate. Core technologies in the datacenter and cloud, such as containers or hadoop did not exist until relatively recently. With the introduction of ARM64, the datacenter and cloud ecosystem now have highly competitive options for their workloads. Not only competing with alternative architectures, due to a broad adoption by SoC vendors with ARM64, multiple options of SoC’s are offered, providing the ecosystem with choice.

Linaro’s Datacenter & Cloud Group aims to, together with its members, provide a common development center for the Arm enterprise ecosystem. Working together to resolve common issues and develop standards reduces fragmentation and helps all participating companies deliver their products to market faster.

What is the group working on?

Linaro’s Datacenter & Cloud Group works on core open-source software for Arm servers. The group manages four projects:

Cloud Infrastructure

Software Defined Infrastructure enables the cloud revolution, and is a fundamental building block for the next generation of the datacenter. Engineering activities include technologies such as hypervisors and container based virtualization (OpenStack, Kubernetes) and Software Defined Storage (Ceph).

Big Data

The aim of this project is to make AArch64 a first class citizen in the Big Data, Analytics and Data Science community (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, etc.). With 90% of all data having been created in the last two years, Big Data and Data Science technologies are vital and have become mature with various production implementations. Linaro drives engineering activities and ARMv8 builds for the following projects:

In addition to these activities, Linaro provides an Arm based production ready end-to-end use case deployment and is part of ODPi and the reference platform for ARMv8.

Server Architecture

For Arm servers to be successful in the data center, they need to have functionality comparable to other architecture based servers with similar capabilities. For the boot architecture, this mean the AArch64 boot process should use familiar tools already in common use and active development. Linaro’s Datacenter & Cloud Group is the upstream maintainer of various boot architecure projects, including EDKII, tianocore and linux kernel efi subsystem. In addition to the work being done on Arm UEFI, GRUB2 and related components, current engineering activities include RAS, StandaloneMM, QEMU enterprise machine (SBBR/SBSA) and related ARM-TF/EDK2 ports and ACPI advice/review.


Linaro aims to drive the adoption of Arm in HPC through standardisation, interoperability, orchestration and use case development. In order to achieve this, the project has set out the following goals: To drive datacenter-class, open-source HPC development on Arm. Identify and adopt standards to make HPC deployment on Arm a commercial imperative. Develop real-world use cases that reap the benefits of Arm while ensuring interoperability, modularization, orchestration. Lower deployment & management barriers. Leverage the Linaro Developer Cloud and other services to develop cost-effective Cloud-integrated HPC development frameworks and generate reference implementations to accelerate The HPC Project has an advisory board which works together with the Datacenter & Cloud Group members on this particular project. While the Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group members determine what work should be completed by engineering resources, the advisory board provides subject matter expertise on HPC requirements and guidance and feedback on the ongoing HPC strategic direction and roadmap. For more information on the Linaro Datacenter & Cloud Group, download our slide deck. HPC Advisory board members

How do I get involved?

There are multiple ways to join Linaro’s Datacenter & Cloud Group - you can either join at Group membership level which allows you to participate in all work and projects managed by the group. Or you can join at Club or Core level, both of which allow you to participate in the Datacenter & Cloud Group as well as other Linaro segment groups. To read more about membership and fill out the enquiry form, click here.

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