Devicetree Evolution

Linaro has defined a Lead Project with its membership to address the needs of the Arm ecosystem. The Devicetree Evolution (DTE) project aims to:

  • collect and consolidate the different Devicetree requirements from the Linaro membership and the ecosystem.
  • update the different specifications (Devicetree, EBBR,…) as needed
  • work to ensure coherency between all software components using Devicetree

The project is expected to deliver:

  • Modification of each software component to support the Devicetree evolution
  • Implementation on selected reference platforms
  • A Devicetree specification update

Groups and projects within Linaro will provide a set of reference platforms covering the Devicetree diversity we want to address with this project and will provide regression testing and maintenance.

More details on Devicetree and the work identified as part of the evolution project can be found in the Linaro White Paper “Why Device Tree Needs to Evolve”.

Download “Why Device Tree Needs to Evolve” for more information on this Linaro Lead Project.

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