Core Engineering

As demand for Linaro’s collaborative engineering has grown, the company has expanded rapidly.

When founded in 2010, Linaro engineering was divided into three functions: Platform, Landing Teams and Working Groups. The Platform function was focused on the Linaro releases and consisted of Foundations, User Platforms and Infrastructure – all of which supported the delivery of the work from the Working Groups and Landing Teams. The landing teams worked to ensure compatibility and optimization of packages and overall releases on specific member hardware platforms and helped in the work of upstreaming vendor patches to the Linux kernel and other relevant projects. During the first phase of Linaro’s development there were three working groups: Kernel Consolidation, Toolchain Evolution and Mobile Middleware.

These original groups still exist in today’s Linaro, but they have all grown and new groups have been added. While Mobile Middleware is now a part of the Linaro Mobile Group, Kernel Consolidation and Toolchain Evolution continue to exist as Core Working Groups and they have been joined by groups focused on Power Management, Security, Virtualization and the Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK).

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