The Linaro Virtualization team spans across several Linaro groups and is aimed at providing virtualization (KVM, Xen) and emulation (QEMU) solutions for ARMv7 and ARMv8 hardware as requested by Linaro Members. Primary customers for Virtualization project are LEG and LNG. The direction is set by the Linaro Steering Committee. The team’s work is done by a group of engineers distributed across the world. They are a part of Linaro’s Core Development Engineering Team.

The virtualization team has many projects that they are working on including:

  • Device assignment/passthrough (platform) for KVM/Xen
  • Device assignment/passthrough (PCIe) for KVM/Xen
  • Performance Monitoring support for KVM
  • ACPI on Xen
  • GICv3 support and improvements for both Xen/KVM
  • Migration support for KVM on ARMv8-A
  • Regular testing and CI loop for ARM virt. technologies
  • QEMU EL2/EL3 emulation (TrustZone support)
  • Containers

Community Pages

  • ACPI on Xen
  • Xen on X-Gene Mustang
  • Xen on ARMv8 Foundation
  • KVM on X-Gene Mustang
  • KVM Migration Testing
  • Platform Device Passthrough on Midway
  • Platform Device Passthrough, how to integrate a new device
  • How to use Xen on ARM (Ian Campbell’s LCA14 talk)
  • Xen on ARMv8 FVP Base using Bootwrapper
  • Xen on ARMv8 FVP base using UEFI
  • Xen on ARMv8 FVP base using UEFI and ACPI
  • QEMU TrustZone
  • KVM Test Setup
  • QEMU Test Setup
  • How to build and run UEFI under KVM and QEMU

ARMv8 KVM: Running Cross Endian VM’s on BE X-Gene mustang system

  • Running an ARM 32-bit QEMU guest
  • Setting up a model-based KVM/ARM development environment


  • IRC channel – #linaro-virtualization on / Freenode
  • Mailing lists – Upstream Discussions:
  • Announcements –